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Toddler Tech: The iPad Generation is Growing Up

Four years ago, while the wizards out in Cupertino, CA, were getting ready to spring the brand-new iPad on the world , I was getting ready to spring a little surprise of my own—Emerson! My, oh, my, how time flies. Four years later, the iPad is now faster, stronger, and more amazing than ever. Ditto for Emerson!

With Emerson’s birthday fast approaching, my husband and I took her to Best Buy, mainly so he could get a new iPhone (the old one floated downriver during his annual fishing trip). We were also hoping that Emerson would give us some ideas of things she wanted for her birthday since up until then her answer had been literally blank—nada, nothing—except for one small request: an iPad. She also requested “apps from the App Store.” At that point, we were waiting for her to mention the Retina display! Her Pop Pop had purchased an iPad around Christmastime and she was mesmerized by everything about it. The games, pictures, FaceTime, videos, movies, TV shows, etc; it was like a whole new world to her, and she was all in.  So while on our Best Buy tour, we thought it would be good to do another iPad test drive. Well, needless to say, she was hooked!

So, our 4 year old is going to get her very own iPad mini, which will likely become her second screen for watching the Disney Channel, as they often promote going online to play learning games and watch shows. I can also imagine that some Frozen karaoke is in store as well. Yes, it’s all about the great learning apps, exploration, and fostering curiosity. But let’s be honest—mom and dad are also keeping their fingers crossed for some peace and quiet. Is there an app for that? And what happens when her little sister wants to get in on the action? For now, the big problem though is figuring out which indestructible case to buy!

As Emerson and the iPad continue to grow up together, it’s certainly going to be an interesting adventure! I hope that she continues to grow and embrace the new technology around her. We’re just hoping that she doesn’t want her own iPhone for kindergarten! For the record, the answer is going to be “N-O.”

PS – Emerson is not alone! As you can see in the chart below, just in the last two years the use of mobile media by the under 8 crowd has soared. If you’d like to see more details, be sure to read this excellent report by Common Sense Media.


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Tara Bernabei
Tara Bernabei is a Senior Manager, BD and Marketing Operations and has worked at Cadient for more than 3 years. When not helping to take Cadient Sales and Marketing to new heights, she is busy taking care of of 2 girls under the age of 4. An avid runner and hiker (or anything that is outdoors – preferably by water), Tara LOVES the Minnesota Vikings. She graduated from Western Michigan University with a degree in Sociology.

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