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The 118 Elements for Powering Digital Transformation

Cadient’s 2017 Periodic Table of Digital Elements Is Now Available!

Do you remember digital marketing way back in 2009? All you needed was a good designer, an HTML wiz and you were ready to rock your digital campaigns on the web – connecting brands to people and the world. Back then, “sharing” was something most people only did at a tapas restaurant and “the cloud” meant bad weather was coming! And yet, there we stood at the precipice of a massive shift in delivering customer experiences – driven by an expanding digital ecosystem of mobile and social, audience expectations shaped by the immediate gratification of Amazon, and new ways for brands to personally connect with people through big data. Things were getting seriously complex, and as a digital agency we needed a simplified view of this increasingly diverse ecosystem that would inspire and inform our work – strategically, technically, and creatively.

It was at this time we thought, “what would Dimitri Mendeleev do?” And, boom – The Periodic Table of Digital Elements was born. Much like Mendeleev’s original periodic table of atomic elements, Cadient’s digital table organizes elements according to recurring trends driving digital experiences and engagement. Ranging from cutting edge technologies to fresh design methodologies, the table groups elements of similar characteristics to serve as a roadmap to digital of sorts for modern digital marketers, developers, and designers.

However, unlike the natural world where new elements aren’t discovered very often, the digital ecosystem is in constant flux. As you can see, our 2009 table was relatively simple compared to the ecosystem of 2017!

Over the past few years we have seen a Cambrian explosion of new and evolving digital forms and categories. Things are moving so quickly that each year we must reorganize placement, remove obsolete elements, and add newly established or trending elements. Here is our newly released 2017 Periodic Table of Digital Elements:

What’s really incredible to imagine is that we are still very early in the overall digital transformation of society. As writer Kevin Kelly recently noted, “We are still at the beginning of the beginning. We have just started to make a technological society. The technological changes in the next 20 years will dwarf those of the last 20 years. It will almost be like nothing at all has happened yet.”

While it’s difficult to predict all the powerful ways the current digital transformation is going to unfold, one thing is certain – our 2027 Periodic Table of Digital Elements is going to be vastly different than this year’s edition!

If you’d like to explore the current wave of digital transformation, please visit for an interactive experience where you can share your ideas on the most influential elements and reserve a limited edition print of the 2017 Table of Digital Elements.


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Bryan Hill

Bryan Hill

Bryan is the architect of the agency’s range of digital solutions and leader of Cadient’s Global Technologies organization, a passionate team of solution architects, developers, and quality engineers delivering innovative solutions in web, mobile and social. Bryan has nearly twenty years of leadership experience and expertise in multiple technical areas including software development, data management and IT consulting. In his nine years at Cadient Group, Bryan’s primary responsibilities have been focused on growing a global digital production operation, driving technical innovation, developing digital solution strategies and ensuring the quality delivery of Cadient's interactive healthcare offerings.

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