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That’s Really Pinspiring! How Leading Brands Are Winning By Pinning

Long associated with recipes, crafts, and fashion—Pinterest is expanding its range of topics, while also picking up incredible momentum in 2014. There are now more than 30 billion images posted on Pinterest, with half of them posted in the last six months!

pinterest_womenEven more impressive than the sheer number of photos being pinned is data surrounding member usage. As this chart from RJMetrics details, posting activity among men decreases over time, but for women usage is actually increasing over time—and shows no sign of tapering off. This suggests that despite impressive growth, the Pinterest user base is just getting started!

From a marketing and advertising perspective, not only are these numbers impressive—especially for reaching the highly-coveted 19-39 year old female audience—but the aspirational nature of Pinterest is equally powerful. In other words, while sites like Facebook and Twitter are used mainly for reporting on recent events, Pinterest is used to plan for future events—like meals, room make-overs, weddings, etc. Essentially, Pinterest users are busy planning future purchases while they use the site!

For health-related topics, the new tagging and topic feature that Pinterest recently introduced adds additional strength to the planning and aspirational uses of Pinterest. For example, a search for diet quickly branches out to a wide range of related topics:


The new topical buttons allow for a rapid search to be conducted based on keywords. For example, a search on Breast Cancer easily leads to a more refined search on “Breast Cancer Awareness Quotes”:


Pharmaceutical companies have joined Pinterest as well, with Bayer, Novo Nordisk, and Genentech being among the more active. Here we see Bayer addressing a range of corporate topics, as well as showcasing some of their advertising:


Genentech has a similar range of corporate Boards, along with several outstanding infographics that examine particular disease state categories, such as cancer immunotherapy:
















Addressing a small but active patient population, this unbranded Pinterest board for disease education supports patients with MPN (Myeloproliferative Neoplasms), and was developed by Incyte Corporation and Cadient Group as part of a larger integrated social media campaign for Voices of MPN:









As Pinterest continues to grow its reach and refine its technology platform, it is also creating a range of powerful new advertising opportunities. Recently, a select group of major advertisers were invited to test “Promoted Pins” on Pinterest, which eventually will be able to target specific interests, demographics, and geo-locations. Although still relatively small in size compared to Facebook (40 million vs 1.3 billion active monthly users), Pinterest commands a loyal following among a powerful and influential female purchasing group—especially when it comes to healthcare decision making. For brands who take the time to create a visual message stream and actively engage with the Pinterest community, the results promise to be nothing short of Pinspiring!



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Jim Walker

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