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Socializing Safety: Three Lessons From the JOHNSON’S Baby “Our Promise” Campaign

When one of the best known consumer franchises in the world rolls out a unique and ambitious social media campaign, it’s worth taking time to examine the details of their strategy and execution. The new “Our Promise” campaign from JOHNSON’S Baby is a high profile, multi-layered initiative built around J&J’s renewed commitment to remove any harmful ingredients from their baby products.

Here are three key take-aways on how they are generating trust through genuine transparency:

1). Demonstrate Commitment and Credibility
The intro video for the campaign positions the JOHNSON’S Baby team responsively listening to customers’ concerns. They further demonstrate their commitment by creating “promise storks” based on the legend of Japanese origami cranes. While not as dramatic as biking hundreds of miles, or enlisting thousands of customers and employees to participate in some mega-event, the initial video does show the actual brand team rolling up their sleeves around this initiative.

2). Visualize the Response

Faced with increasing concerns about the use of particular compounds in their baby products, J&J has further refined and rededicated themselves to their safety methodologies. This infographic makes the overall process clear and compelling.










(Click here to see full infographic)

3). Harness the Power of Video To Present Multiple Views

J&J has long been a leader in terms of YouTube marketing, so it’s not surprising that this new campaign will feature more than forty videos. What is noteworthy is the scope and range of the various clips—ranging from serious commentary by senior management to decidedly playful looks at parenting.

Perceptions of trust and safety take decades to build, but can erode with surprising swiftness. It is clear that the JOHNSON’S Baby team is drawing a line in the sand around the issue of safety—especially when it comes to their ingredients. While the ultimate results of this campaign might not be known for many years, the initial efforts towards credibility, transparency, engagement, and even humor, suggest that after the first few steps—the brand will not fall and hit their head on the coffee table any time soon.

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