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Searching for the Perfect Post: 10 Secrets for Creating Posts that Pay-off

By now, everyone in marketing knows they should have some sort of social media strategy. However, even with a solid strategy in place, social media success often depends on successful execution at the basic level. In other words – how do you create the Perfect Post? With this critical marketing quest in mind, Guy Kawasaki,  Canva’s Chief Evangelist and Peg Fitzpatrick, Canva’s Head of Social Strategy, recently shared their 10 secrets for creating the Perfect Post.

Perfect Post_4001. Does it Pass the Reshare Test?
Be honest – will people want to share your content? This might be the most important tip, so don’t skip over it! Make sure that your post contains something that people will actually want to pass along.

2. Be Valuable
All posts should provide some combination of Information, Analysis, Assistance and/or Entertainment. The more value that you provide, the more open people will be to paying attention to your overall messaging.

3. Be Bold
It’s important to have an opinion. If people see the same old same old content, they will be unlikely to engage with your content. Take a stand, state an opinion, be clever, ask a provocative question.

4. Be Brief
It’s important to keep things brief, especially if you are posting on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

5. Credit Your Source
Karma is important on the web, so be sure to acknowledge where your initial content came from.

6. Add Drama
Tell your story with visuals. The right visual can drive tremendous attention to your posts. On the other hand, a boring picture will drive away traffic. Take the time to create or source an interesting picture, and size it appropriately for each channel. (Canva is one tool that can help to do this quickly and inexpensively).

7. Embrace Hashtags
Hashtags are a powerful way to connect with a wide range of interested viewers. It’s also helpful to create your own hashtag for specific events or topics.

8. Schedule and Spread-out
Plan your content at a steady pace over the course of the day, using tools like Hootsuite, Sprout Social or Buffer. The key is to test a service that works for you so that your content is scheduled over the course of the week. These tools can be especially helpful if you need to clear your posts through a regulatory review process, since you can obtain approval for a range of content ahead of time, and then flight it for posting.

9. Repeating Isn’t A Bad Thing
Don’t be afraid to re-post content or themes you’ve posted about previously. People often enjoy seeing different angles about the same topic. This is especially important because the typical tweet has a shelf life of just about 20 minutes! So it can be a good idea to spread out variations of the same tweet over the course of the day.

10. Cross Post
Take your content, and share it across different channels – adapting for each particular channel. For example, Google Plus posts can drive people to Pinterest with the PinIt for later links. Once your posts are live, you can check how they look with an Icognito window (using the Chrome browser).

While it takes a bit more time, creating posts that resonate can make all the difference in your social media impact. These 10 tips, if followed consistently, will lead you to the Perfect Post, and drive powerful results – time after time.


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Jim Walker

Jim Walker

Jim Walker is Director, Marketing Strategy at Cadient, a Cognizant Company. Jim provides innovative marketing insights for a wide range of clients, as well as leading Cadient’s content marketing strategy. He is particularly interested in helping brand teams effectively leverage their digital content. He can be reached at
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