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Your Marketing Results Are Rigged! 3 Rigged Marketing Metrics to Watch Out For

Accurate data is essential for understanding whether or not your campaign is winning or losing. However, there are several ways you might be focusing on the wrong marketing metrics – ones that give the appearance of digital success, but don’t actually drive your business forward. As Albert Einstein famously pointed out: “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” With that in mind, here are 3 Rigged Marketing Metrics to Watch Out For.

Rigged Marketing Results

1). Page Visits and Bounce Rates that Don’t Convert
All things being equal, every marketing team loves to see more traffic coming to their site, especially while keeping the bounce rate low. However, it’s possible to have strong traffic and low bounce rates but still not accomplish any meaningful business impact. For example, imagine driving lots of leads to your home page and then getting customers to click through to subpages that don’t actually convert for any particular KPIs. Your marketing results will show great traffic and low bounce rate, and you and your agency will likely get out the victory balloons based on these apparently fantastic marketing results. However, at the end of the day your digital efforts will not be generating any traction for the business because the subpages that you’re driving people to aren’t converting.

2). Chasing Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers
Social media engagement metrics are alluring because the numbers can move up quickly, and there is often a great deal of daily activity that would point to a winning campaign. However, winning on Twitter does not mean your campaign is really out in front! If your social followers are not voting for deeper levels of engagement and actually moving down the sales funnel toward purchase, then your social metrics are undecided at best. Obviously, almost every brand should have some type of social presence, but don’t assume that strong social metrics are necessarily setting your campaign up for victory.

3). Chasing Higher Search Traffic
Creating and implementing a successful search optimization campaign can be very satisfying as you and the team work through all of the various search keywords and targeting, and subsequent tweaking and tracking. The exact investment and results are also very clear and concrete, adding to the feeling of success and a job well done. Who could argue against this well thought out SEO policy? Well, not to be that cranky guy shouting from the back of the room, but if you are simply driving traffic and not tracking whether or not these new visitors are converting, then your beautiful SEO campaign is wasting the taxpayer’s money!

These 3 false marketing metrics are just a few of the many ways that you can rigorously and accurately gather marketing data that actually paints a false picture of your overall marketing success! Remember – Not everything that can be counted counts! In order to avoid false marketing data, it’s essential to keep a close eye on how your customers are actually voting with their wallets. This means tracking front-end marketing activity all the way through to when customers cast their votes in favor of your campaign by making a purchase. By closely linking your marketing metrics to essential and meaningful customer KPIs, you will ultimately ensure a landslide of new business and success for your brand!

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Jim Walker

Jim Walker

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