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Quantified Self: 4 Key Elements in Personal Tracking and Brand Health

As marketers, we know that our results cannot rely on hope, but must be supported by data. Nonetheless, for years I went home and “hoped” that my unmeasured lifestyle would deliver results and keep me in shape. Not surprisingly, the results were less than stellar! So, I took action and, in addition to using a “standup” desk, I started using a wearable health device (also called an activity tracker) that collects my biometric data during both activity and inactivity/sleep. It also integrates that data with other data that I enter, such as food intake and specific activities.

After a month of tracking, the outcomes are starting to become real. By “dialing-in” behaviors around lifestyle and health, my quality of life has increased in a relatively short period of time. Yet, as I analyze these results, it’s clear that the driving success factor isn’t just the data tracker, but the integration of the Biometrics data with 3 other digital elements—Data Warehouse, Data Mining, and Gamification. The combination of these elements can lead to a more positive outcome than what was possible before. In addition, the root principles of these tracking devices and digital elements can be applied to brands to create healthier marketing campaigns, through REVEALSM.

Biometrics – Record Your Actions
TElementsOfDigital_67_Element.Biometricsake the first action to life-changing (and brand-changing) results—stop hoping and start recording. Whether it’s how many steps you have taken in a day, or how many people visit your digital property and what actions they take; what you don’t know, can’t help you. Gathering, interpreting, and making changes based on data is a key step in a successful strategy, and having the right tool to take that step is critical.


Data Warehouse – Centralize Your Data

ElementsOfDigital_2_Element.DataWarehouseA crucial aspect in the experience of the Data Warehouse digital element is the centralization and integration of multi-channel data. If you don’t have your data in a centralized location and you don’t have the ability to integrate the data, you may be vulnerable to overlooking key insights. Identifying those insights in a timely manner will help avoid missed opportunities.


Data Mining – Exceed Your KPIs
ElementsOfDigital_10_Element.DataMineThe quantification of all performance lies in your KPIs—in either personal goals or business strategic objectives. The day-in, day-out determination to do whatever is necessary to track and exceed your KPIs is what separates leaders from folks who are just “checking the box.”


Gamification – Competitive Accountability

ElementsOfDigital_96_Element.GamificationRegardless of where you are in the performance improvement life cycle, sharing your real-time data either socially or “up the ladder” demonstrates your fortitude to “walk the walk” and forces you to publicly “keep score.” Having access to your performance data at a moment’s notice, and also making your scores available to key stakeholders, will inspire you to take your game to a whole new level


Hope is not a strategy! Simply hoping that you or your brand will exceed your KPIs is sure to be ineffective. So, while you are kicking off 2014 brand planning, strap an activity tracker around all of your actions and REVEALSM maximum performance. To view the complete list of digital elements, please visit, or download the app from Apple’s App Store.

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Gabrielle Pastore

Gabrielle Pastore

Vice President, Global Strategic Commercial Innovation at Cadient Group
As VP of Commercial Innovation, Gabrielle leads Cadient's efforts to help life science companies optimize the performance of their brands and marketing operations. Leveraging digital technology and other tools for fostering innovation, she and her team will create business strategies that deliver results-oriented planning, best-in-class customer insights, and productive new approaches to global marketing and brand commercialization. Gabrielle joined Cadient from AstraZeneca, where she built a 18-year management career spanning a broad range of responsibilities. Most recently, she served as global director of commercial innovation, leading enterprise-wide digital marketing initiatives in Japan. Prior to that, she was brand director for managed markets in the U.S., guiding major brands through key life cycle events and creating a large cross-functional team to address issues such as access and reimbursement. From 2005 to 2010, Gabrielle acquired substantial global innovation experience, working as global brand manager for AstraZeneca UK, then as marketing director for AstraZeneca Japan. She began her pharmaceutical career in product management, working also as a district sales manager before moving into brand management. Gabrielle holds both a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business Management and a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from North Carolina State University.

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