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Philly Beer Week and the ABV of Your SEO

With Philly Beer Week this week, the craft of making great beer got me thinking about the craft of search engine optimization (SEO). Seriously. I wondered how Philadelphia, the self-avowed “America’s Best Beer-Drinking City”, promoted the Philly Beer Week brand experience in the digital ecosystem. So first things first: the website. Scratch that. Keywords first.


A great brand deserves to be discovered. But marketers may underestimate the importance of testing keywords to develop powerful keyword-rich content, the basis of SEO. With 82% of shoppers using search engines when browsing product information in-store, SEO is important whether they’re in a brick & mortar buying a case of beer or tasting a beer this week and then searching for that newly-discovered cold beverage of choice. When your customer is ready to take action, ensure that your search results  bubble to the top.

Digital Is About Doing

It comes down to this: 50% of consumers use brand websites on a mobile device when shopping. Website content must have keywords that match what consumers are searching for. If it doesn’t—or if the keywords compete with competitor keywords—search engines won’t find the site. Without SEO, a great brand may be difficult to find, creating a search experience that tastes like stale beer.

SEO Results in Action

As an example of the importance of keyword-rich content and SEO, I tried to find “Philly Beer Week” by typing “beer” into Google®.

This brought up one relevant organic search result. The problem was that the website I wanted to find was in 11th place. Not great for consumers who don’t want to scroll to find what they’re looking for.

My next query, “Philadelphia beer,” resulted in “Philly Beer Week 2013” coming in ninth on the list. Apparently, “Philadelphia” is not optimized for my search.

So I refined my keywords to “philly beer.” Zap—SEO! “Philly Beer Week 2013” appeared second on the page.

Better keywords = higher SEO ranking = a discoverable website = successful marketing strategy.

Optimize Your Brand in the Digital Ecosystem

Because every dollar, yen, or euro is critical in a marketing budget, it’s important to interact with the digerati. Who? For the purposes of this blog, they are an agency’s SEO experts. Generally, they design, implement, and optimize programs that help achieve your advertising goals—and get your brands noticed.

So when marketing a brand—Philly Beer Week or otherwise—choose partners who can create keyword-rich content, employ SEO, and turn your marketing results into actionable experience. Cheers!

What’s your experience with SEO? Let us know—reply in the comments section below. Also, be sure to let us know your favorite craft beer!

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Adelaide Emery

Adelaide Emery

Adelaide joined Cadient Group in 2008 and has worked diligently since then to incorporate search engine optimization best practices as a core deliverable in each website the agency develops. Adelaide brings almost 13 years of SEO experience to her role. She’s been involved in the field since its infancy and has witnessed the evolution of search engine directories and SEO practices. Her client work covers an array of industries inside and outside of healthcare, including Coca-Cola, Ford, Disney, David's Bridal, QVC,, Luggage Online, J&J, Novartis, Shire, McNeil, Astra Zeneca, and Wyeth.

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