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Launching Your Content With Love: The 5 Essential Secrets of Online Marketing Success

kate_launches_royal_princessJeff Walker is the creator of the “Product Launch Formula,” and his new book, aptly titled “LAUNCH,” reveals “the secret formula to sell almost anything online, build a business you love, and live the life of your dreams.”

Money, love, dreams coming true—who could ask for more?!

If you’re like me, you probably want to skip right to the secret formula. Hopefully you’re not disappointed, but I am not going to entertain you with a dozen stories about my life before I became rich and famous on the internet.

So, let’s get down to business. Ready? Here is how to banish what Jeff Walker calls “hope marketing,” replacing it with the Product Launch Formula, an engineered process for jump-starting your product or campaign.

1). Build a Great e-Mail List
This may seem obvious, but if you’re going to market online, you will need to send out your content to a particular set of people. So, the foundation for online marketing success is to build a great customer e-mail list, and treat the people on that list with great respect and generosity—even love.

2). Give Away Relevant Content
Over time, share a great deal of content with the people on your list—for free. This will build trust, provide you with valuable feedback, and position you as an authority.

3). Consciously Trigger Sales Demand During the Prelaunch and Launch Phase
When it comes time to launch a particular product or program, use a wide variety of triggers in combination in order to activate your potential customers. You don’t need to be overly manipulative, but you do need to provide people with some motivation and excitement for buying in. There are nine primary triggers:

1) Authority

2) Reciprocity

3) Trust

4) Anticipation

5) Likeability

6) Events and Ritual

7) Community

8) Scarcity

9) Social Proof

4). Always Be Measuring
Successful online marketers measure what matters. In other words—while it is easy to get caught up in a million-and-one data points, the key is to focus on the 20% of existing customers who are driving 80% of your profits. Once you have identified these most valuable customers (MVCs), examine why they are buying. Could some of your other customers be persuaded to step up at a similar level? Could your MVCs be willing to buy even more?

5). Repeat the Process
Your existing (or previous) customers are always your best customers moving forward. So, you should make sure to follow up and provide them with additional love and attention. Not only is this good customer service, but you are laying the foundation for future rounds of products and engagement.

Like any formula, the Product Launch Formula by itself will not lead to a marketing chain reaction. It will take execution, attention to detail, and the ability to course correct when things don’t go as planned. That being said, if you are interested in online marketing success, the Product Launch Formula is one formula that you should put to the test:

1.       Build a Great e-Mail List
2.       Give Away Relevant Content
3.       Consciously Trigger Sales Demand During the Prelaunch and Launch Phase
4.       Always Be Measuring
5.       Repeat the Process

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Jim Walker

Jim Walker

Jim Walker is Director, Marketing Strategy at Cadient, a Cognizant Company. Jim provides innovative marketing insights for a wide range of clients, as well as leading Cadient’s content marketing strategy. He is particularly interested in helping brand teams effectively leverage their digital content. He can be reached at
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