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3 Facebook Live Changes Every Marketer Needs to Know

Facebook Live is the live streaming function available on all Facebook profiles, pages, and within groups. The function allows anyone to use a phone camera (and now event more professional devices) to live stream content to friends and followers within the online site or mobile app.

Earlier this year I wrote about how to successfully launch a Facebook Live event. Now, due to the popularity, growth, and adoption of the platform by individual users, companies, and mainstream media, Facebook has rolled out some important updates that will ultimately impact the power of promoting live video events and encourage more interaction among viewers.

Facebook Live Changes


Here are 3 Facebook Live Changes Every Marketer Needs to Know:

1). Scheduled events – Previously you would go Live and hope your audience received a notification and would log in to see your program. Now, these events can be pre-scheduled, which creates a unique link that can be used for promotion. Users can also opt-in to receiving notifications about the event. Overall, this will most likely increase the audience size and the chances that your viewers will catch more of the live show.

2). Waiting room – Before the program goes live, a “waiting room” will open a few minutes prior to the start of your event. This waiting room lets users connect and begin chatting before the event.

3). Opt-in notifications – Because the event can be scheduled and promoted on Facebook, users will now be able to opt-in to receive notifications about the event via the host page and through updates shared by other pages.

Wondering if a Facebook Live event is right for you? There are a few key points to take into account when determining if a Facebook Live event will be the right channel for your message.

Consider answering these questions:

1). Do you have something interesting to say, and do people want to hear it? Facebook Live events can be in various formats – Q&A with the audience, interviews with thought leaders, behind-the-scenes footage, how-to instructions, and streaming real-time events to larger audience. There is a lot of flexibility in the type of content you can stream, but be sure it’s interesting enough to garner an audience and that it is content that someone – other than you and your team – think is interesting enough to watch.

2). Does your content have visual appeal? If the content seems interesting, consider how it will translate into video format. For instance, will the content be easily captured through a lens? Will you have sufficient audio capabilities to capture sound? And will a late-joining viewer have any idea of what’s going in if they tune in mid-stream?

3). Will this event achieve or contribute to your strategic, marketing, or social goals? While a Facebook Live event may be something others in the industry are doing and jumping on the bandwagon may seem like a great idea, be sure your time and resource investment will result in a measurable success. Success could be measured in the size of the audience, quality and quantity of interactions, or in a click through post-event. Whatever the goal may be, ensure that the event will help drive your overall brand objectives.


For more about Facebook Live, check out our recent webinar, which provides the five key things to consider when planning your Facebook Live event. We are also available to come on site to conduct Facebook Live training and strategy for you and your team. We’d love to hear from you!

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