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Everything I Learned About Brand Marketing, I Learned Grilling Burgers

Memorial Day weekend, that verdant gateway to the American summertime, is finally here. As you break out the grill, chill the beverages, and turn up the tunes, it’s also a good time to ensure your summer content will be effective within the current marketing menu. Here are six tasty grilling tips to help you put the right actions into your customer interactions.

#1 Get the grill hot
There’s nothing like fascination and interest to turn up the heat on your marketing efforts. In her new book Fascinate, Sally Hogshead notes that in a multi-channel marketing world “an increasingly distracted consumer demands a more powerful form of connection—rather than merely selling goods or services, or even selling experiences—successful brands will begin to charge for the value of their fascination. Companies that can help consumers feel more fascinated in their own lives, or more fascinating in their relationships, not only will win the sale but will earn consumers who actively seek out those products.” Start your summer fun with fascinating content and messaging that can promote brand growth in the digital ecosystem. That is the quickest way to heat up your marketing burners.

#2 Make your own burgers
While it’s tempting to buy a box of frozen pre-made burgers, don’t do it! Your brand will shine when you serve organic, handmade burgers with your own custom recipe. The same is true for your marketing efforts. “Handmade” content needs to engage a user with delicious information with a touch of brand awareness. Knowing your audience during this preparation phase is crucial in identifying their needs. Does your audience want beef or turkey meat? Are they vegetarians? Do they prefer cheese or no cheese on their burger? Serving custom content that aligns with the nuances of your audience will provide the interest needed to stand out this summer and communicate your unique value proposition.

#3 Apply the secret sauce
When adding your secret sauce, you do not want to overload the content with your unique value proposition, or it will leave a bad taste. This content is best enjoyed with a light spread of brand awareness. Let the organic ingredients win over the consumer. Your secret sauce is there just to enhance the flavor.

#4 Don’t overcook things
Timing is everything, especially when grilling burgers. There is a skill to know when to flip, when to add more sauce, and when to take them off the grill. It takes both a cook’s instinct and measurement in order to reach that rarified height of burger perfection. Don’t be afraid to stick a thermometer in your burger, since the “gut” isn’t always right. Your marketing efforts require the same care and measurement. Digital is about doing—not overdoing. Be sure to pay attention, know when to flip your messaging, when to move things off the flame, and when to apply some extra heat, while also measuring the result.

#5 Ring the dinner bell
Now that you have the world’s best burgers, ring the dinner bell to let your audience know the food is ready to eat. Use social verticals, blogs, and eCRM to syndicate your content. They are probably already waiting for you through these channels, and will be happy to break bread with you.

#6 Take time to enjoy your guests
At the end of the day, your customers can truly sense if you have their best interests at heart. Take some time to sit down at the table with them in person and listen carefully to their challenges and goals. You might not get to play wiffle ball with them in the backyard, but these meetings help to build long-term relationships. They will also help to refine your unique value proposition and lay the foundation for even more delicious marketing content.

Summertime is the right time for grilling burgers, relaxing with friends and family, and turning up the heat on your branding campaigns. Through actions you get results! Remember to keep the grill hot, make your own burgers, apply the secret sauce, not overcook things, and ring the dinner bell. Most importantly, take time to enjoy being with your customers!


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Chris Mycek

Chris Mycek

Having worked on both the client and agency sides, Chris is recognized as an expert in his field. His experience in developing category-leading brands within the pharmaceutical, biotech, and consumer healthcare categories has paralleled his ability to integrate new channels and technologies into the marketing mix. When added to the depth of commercial innovation expertise that Cadient has formed across its teams, Chris’ experience and team represent an important bridge to help both existing and future clients achieve unprecedented success.
 Chris, along with his team, partner with Cadient’s Commercial Innovation and customer engagement divisions to help life science companies optimize the marketing performance of their brands and marketing initiatives.

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