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3 Simple Ways To Finish Strong In 2014: Capture Those Good Vibrations

It’s hard to believe that the Summer of ’14 is already fading fast! As you put away the beach chairs, and start to look more closely at your Q3 and Q4 projections, are you still feeling warm and relaxed? If not, it’s not too late to capture those Good Vibrations!

Here are three tactics you may want to consider:

1). Innovating With Infographics

More than just a “pretty picture,” infographics have evolved into a powerful and far-reaching form of visual storytelling. They can help convey your brand mission and vision – while delivering critical brand information. Cadient Group has empowered a range of notable clients through the development of exciting infographics for eDetails, disease education, and corporate communications, just to name a few.


2). Enhancing Convention Performance

The possibilities for amplifying your story on the convention floor have never been greater – and visual storytelling is a powerful tool you can use to make it happen. As we’ve written in the July 2014 issue of Medical Marketing & Media, our award-winning team can help take your convention experience to a whole new level using iPads, augmented reality, and detailed tracking.


3). Re-imagining Clinical Trial Presentations

By combining large interactive touch screens with detailed infographics, we have created an innovative new platform for engaging clinicians at clinical trial meetings. These “interactive infographics” reinforce key messaging, dramatically raise the level of engagement, and provide detailed feedback to reinforce clinical understanding. Furthermore, our unique customer platform is designed to help accelerate enrollment, enhance investigator interaction, and optimize post-meeting communications.

Transform your end-of-year results
If you’re ready to tell your brand story in way that demands attention and drives results, take a page from our winning digital play book. Through visual storytelling and other innovative digital solutions, Cadient Group delivers Results in Action. We’ll help you quickly increase engagement in the areas that drive your business – and we can help you do it before closing the book on 2014.

Get in touch today and learn how Visual Storytelling can work for your brand!
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Chris Mycek

Chris Mycek

Having worked on both the client and agency sides, Chris is recognized as an expert in his field. His experience in developing category-leading brands within the pharmaceutical, biotech, and consumer healthcare categories has paralleled his ability to integrate new channels and technologies into the marketing mix. When added to the depth of commercial innovation expertise that Cadient has formed across its teams, Chris’ experience and team represent an important bridge to help both existing and future clients achieve unprecedented success.
 Chris, along with his team, partner with Cadient’s Commercial Innovation and customer engagement divisions to help life science companies optimize the marketing performance of their brands and marketing initiatives.

Chris Mycek

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