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Democratize Your Data Through REVEAL!

Data in a silo is good to… well, no one really. REVEAL addresses the silos by aggregating data in one place while also creating a forum for everyone (within reason) in the organization to collaborate on analysis and generate insights. Sharing these insights across the enterprise democratizes your data and brings the full value of analytics to your organization. Democratized insights eliminate the myopic points-of-view generated by interpretation in a silo and allow cross-functional teams to analyze the marketing performance and identify improvement opportunities holistically.

Enriched Insight Generation and Authoring Capability
Insight Generation and Authoring REVEAL’s insight module fosters a collaborative environment for sharing analysis amongst diverse business audiences. Post brief Twitter-esque insights for a quick gist and upload a document with more detailed analysis using the new resource attachment feature. Share insights related to a particular channel or a perspective as you explore and discover those insights.Generate a 360 degree view of your data from all corners of the organization that’s visible from the mailroom to the boardroom with REVEAL!


Resource Library
Resource Library Resource Library provides a searchable, central repository for your team to share reports, presentations, or documents of any kind. Simply, specify the search criteria by selecting a channel and/or text to find the resources of your interest. Sort the results by clicking on any column header and view the results of your choice.Save time and disk space with a centralized reporting database in REVEAL!


Visual Alerts
Visual Alerts Draw attention to new insights with visual cues in REVEAL. Glowing insight icon alerts you to any newly posted insight, making it easy for you to view and collaborate on important insights more rapidly.No need to hunt for new activity in REVEAL, simply click the golden lightbulbs for enlightenment!


 Chart Zooming and Scaling
Data can be BIG and deep. REVEAL’s data visualizations allow you to drilldown to the level of detail of your choosing. Zoom on any particular data point on the chart or interact with the legend to re-scale the chart. The zooming and scaling features in REVEAL give you the freedom to interact with the data in the way you want.

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Shweta Neville

Shweta is Director of Business Analysis and Quality Assurance at Cadient. Her role is important in the process of analyzing customer’s goals and incorporating their specific business need and functional requirements into the technical design planning stages. Shweta has created best practices framework for process analysis, governance models and business architecture for technology implementations across the digital marking environment. She also leads the product design and evolution of Cadient Group’s products and platform. Shweta holds a Master of Science degree in computer science from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.

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