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Crafting A Customer Forward Digital Marketing Ecosystem: Adobe and the Future of Integrated Marketing



The Art of the Ecosystem
Steve Job’s emphasis on customer experience served as the foundation for what has become a vibrant ecosystem of hardware and digital media consumption that connects people to their favorite music, movies, and books—anywhere, anytime. Today, much like the fractured system of devices, media formats, and distribution methods now so elegantly connected within the Apple universe, the digital marketing realm, with its dizzying range of devices, screens, and social connections, is primed for a platform to serve as the connective tissue of content experiences between audiences and marketers.

With a shared appreciation for design, Adobe’s Marketing Cloud has emerged as the leading integrated platform to create, launch, and measure the entire end-to-end marketing experience. Adobe’s platform serves as a digital marketing ecosystem to accelerate the crafting and distribution of compelling, consistent and personalized customer experiences across a vast and rapidly evolving digital landscape of devices, screens, and social connections.

So how can your business maximize the value of this platform to sustain meaningful engagement within your digital marketing ecosystem? Consider the three keys that are vital to building a successful marketing ecosystem—community, environment, and interactions.

COMMUNITY—Know Your Customers
Who are your customers? If you are from the office of the CMO, your customers are out there, in the digital wild, unwittingly the subject of your next campaign to drive them to your storefront. If you are from the office of the CIO, your customers include the colleagues and partners who work beside you to deliver the content and drive the engagement of those campaigns within the regulated workflows of the business. Empathy and design considerations for both customer segments will ensure harmonious community within your digital marketing ecosystem!

This diagram depicts Cadient’s integrated marketing workflow and content distribution leveraging Adobe’s Marketing Cloud:











ENVIRONMENT—Know the Landscape
The key challenge of marketing integration is allowing marketers to seamlessly combine data, insights, and digital content in order to drive good decisions, delivering the optimal brand experience to their customers down multiple sonic highways. Considering the successful Apple ecosystem, the backbone for a successful marketing ecosystem is a streamlined and accountable content distribution engine that enables trusted publishers to easily share their content as well as facilitate the introduction of an entirely new media experience—“Apps”. The key takeaway is that the environment must support the core life-sustaining marketing activities of today while allowing for the eventual evolution that will occur tomorrow.

Comprising six integrated modules, Adobe Marketing Cloud provides interoperable components that marketing technologists can configure to run campaigns that are efficient, effective, flexible, and scalable.









INTERACTIONS—Know How to Craft Meaningful Customer Experiences
To paraphrase Peter Parker, with great marketing tools come great responsibility. In other words, it is not enough for companies to simply deploy Adobe Marketing Cloud. You must harness the platform to rethink your marketing strategy from the customer experience standpoint, creating campaigns that are consistent at every touchpoint, while also leveraging overall enterprise scale and reach. Success requires dedicated personnel who understand customer experience in a multi-device world, as well as the nuances of digital marketing. It also requires an unflinching look at your content management processes—how is content being generated, tested, approved, tracked and updated; and once deployed, how is it resonating with customers, and in what channels?  Finally, success requires a holistic view of the entire customer engagement ecosystem:










Accelerate the Impact of Your Marketing Cloud
One approach for getting maximum value from your integrated marketing platform quickly is using platform accelerators. Applying proven templated application-layer solutions to the technology framework allows businesses to rapidly see returns on their investments and provide value to end customers. Examples of this can be found in the Cadient arsenal of proprietary solutions—REVEAL, supporting multichannel marketing analytics, and OneVoice, enabling cloud community solutions.

REVEAL—Adobe Analytics Accelerator
For clients that have either the full or partial Adobe Analytics suite, REVEAL is easily configurable, and can pull all pull all web, mobile, and social data from Adobe technologies (SiteCat, Social, etc) into an elegant visual dashboard that allows for custom views, as well as social commenting among team members.











OneVoice—Adobe Experience Manager Accelerator
For cloud communities within (and potentially outside of) Life Sciences and Healthcare, OneVoice has industry-proven solutions for KOL Management, Speaker Training and Certification, Market Research, and Advisory Panels. These templates can be stylized and branded to customer guidelines and modules can be easily configured to support entitlements and proprietary business rules.








See You at the Summit!
As both CTOs and CMOs continue to wrestle with the increasing demands of technology-driven marketing, solutions such as the Adobe Marketing Cloud are poised to become the foundational platform for marketing, allowing brand teams to create seamless customer experiences incorporating text, images, video, and animation. Wrapped with analytics and deployed across a range of devices, screens, wearables, and nearables, these integrated campaigns are transforming the customer experience in ways we are only just beginning to imagine! Finally, remember that in order to fully leverage your investment in the platform, plan on making a commensurate investment in skilled people, and consider finding a strong partner to act as your sherpa as you ascend the new heights of customer experience and marketing technology.

PS: If you are attending the Adobe summit March 9–13, please be sure to let us know, or stop by the Cadient/Cognizant exhibit area!



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Bryan Hill

Bryan Hill

Bryan is the architect of the agency’s range of digital solutions and leader of Cadient’s Global Technologies organization, a passionate team of solution architects, developers, and quality engineers delivering innovative solutions in web, mobile and social. Bryan has nearly twenty years of leadership experience and expertise in multiple technical areas including software development, data management and IT consulting. In his nine years at Cadient Group, Bryan’s primary responsibilities have been focused on growing a global digital production operation, driving technical innovation, developing digital solution strategies and ensuring the quality delivery of Cadient's interactive healthcare offerings.

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