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Brand Planning? Yeah, There’s an App for That

Just in time for brand planning season, the new Elements of Digital® app provides marketers, creatives, developers, and geeks from all walks of life a valuable tool for navigating the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Developed as an all-in-one pocket reference for Cadient Group’s award-winning Table of Digital Elements®, the Elements of Digital app allows brand alchemists to compound the various digital elements available in today’s marketing environment and generate novel approaches and powerful new solutions to meet their 2014 goals. Currently available for the iPhone, the Elements of Digital app can be downloaded at

Element details and links

Element details and links

Element detail

Element closeup

Elements sortable by group

Sortable list view

Key features include:

  • View the 2013 Table of Digital Elements, outlining the 111 elements within each elemental group: Social, Web, Cloud Computing, Search, Security, Desktop, Mobile, Gadget Electronic & Appliance Research (GEAR), Rich User eXperience (RUX), Web CMS, Database & RM, Analytics, and Emerging Technologies
  • Sort elements by name, number, state, group
  • View details for each element including weight of importance, state of element, year and period of discovery or ascent, elemental group
  • Jump to “Learn It” or “Get It” resources on the Web to learn more about or start working with each element

Future releases will integrate social elements and additional edutainment features, as well as Android and iPad optimized editions.


Table of Digital Elements

Table of Digital Elements 2013

Updated annually, the Table of Digital Elements catalogs the key technologies and methodologies driving digital engagement in areas such as mobile, Web, and social media. By leveraging the Elements of Digital app and the Table of Digital Elements to inform your areas of focus in 2014, your brand will realize sustainable results in action.

Visit for an interactive experience where you can share your ideas on the most influential elements or connect with one of Cadient Group’s digital alchemists. Or, visit us at to learn more about who we are and what we do in the world of multi-channel engagement.



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Bryan Hill

Bryan Hill

Bryan is the architect of the agency’s range of digital solutions and leader of Cadient’s Global Technologies organization, a passionate team of solution architects, developers, and quality engineers delivering innovative solutions in web, mobile and social. Bryan has nearly twenty years of leadership experience and expertise in multiple technical areas including software development, data management and IT consulting. In his nine years at Cadient Group, Bryan’s primary responsibilities have been focused on growing a global digital production operation, driving technical innovation, developing digital solution strategies and ensuring the quality delivery of Cadient's interactive healthcare offerings.

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