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Brand of Steel: The 5 Secret Powers of 2014 Brand Planners

Summer is here, and for marketers that means two things—blockbuster movies and brand planning. So, for those of you who are wishing you had some special powers to get through brand planning, fear not. These five secret powers are entirely within your reach, and will help to drive maximum results in 2014! (Tights and red cape are entirely optional.)

1. X-Ray Vision
Superhero brand planners use their x-ray vision to see through vast amounts of big data to discover the metrics that matter. The secret to focusing your x-ray vision in 2014 is to “Bring Big Data Down to Size.” By harnessing big data with an analytics tool like REVEAL that monitors predefined key performance indicators (KPIs) on a regular basis, marketers are able to focus laser-like attention on just the data that drives the business forward. These actionable steps for your 2014 planning will provide superhero results that the citizens and customers of Brandtropolis will thank you for!

2. Superhuman Hearing
While social media engagement has been like kryptonite for many pharmaceutical and healthcare marketers, the use of social monitoring  stands out as a hugely underutilized tactic moving into 2014. Never before has so much customer information been available online. Fortunately, there are established best practices for keeping you on the right side of truth, justice, and your legal team. Superhero brand planners should take the time in 2014 to listen to customers across various social channels. This superhuman hearing will allow you to identify the right conversations and find the customers who need your help.

3. Faster than a Speeding Bullet
Brand planning superheroes know the importance of speed. In fact, their competitors are often amazed at how quickly our brand heroes can move into new channels, customer segments, and reposition their messaging in response to changing market situations. With clear KPIs and active social monitoring, brands can react with agility to changing market conditions. Ever ready to spring into action, superhero brand planners are even known to keep a spare telephone booth in the office, just in case they need to change in a hurry.

4. More Powerful than a Steaming Locomotive
With clear strategic direction and KPIs—combined with a focus on specific channels—superhero brand planners confidently align and maximize their media spending to generate sustained brand momentum and power. Even when they can’t see exactly what’s around the next bend, superhero brand planners are not afraid to keep putting more coal in the boiler. So, watch out! That sound you hear roaring past you next year might just be a superhero brand planner.

5. Able to Leap Tall Buildings
There is nothing like leaping over tall buildings in order to put things in perspective. Superhero brand planners are not intimidated by obstacles, challenges, or uncertain market conditions. They know that the taller the challenge, the higher they will need to leap. Of course, flying around the skyline is not without its dangers, so our brand heroes always keep a careful eye out for oncoming competitors and windy market conditions. Defying gravity for extended periods of time takes superhuman strength, but our superhero brand planners have got what it takes!

In Time, You Will Help Them Accomplish Wonders
So, why do superhero brand planners go to such lengths? Why do they tirelessly sift through the data, listen to the social channels, rework their plans, modify their media budgets, and tackle every unexpected challenge that comes their way? Because our super hero brand planners know that at the end of the day, they can help their customers accomplish wonders!

For additional support with your superhero brand planning, be sure to visit the Apple App store and download our Elements of Digital app! Just in time for Brand Planning season, this app provides marketers, creatives, developers, and heroes from all walks of life a valuable tool for navigating the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Developed as an all-in-one pocket reference for Cadient Group’s award winning Table of Digital Elements®, the Elements of Digital app allows brand superheroes to compound the various digital elements available in today’s marketing environment and generate novel approaches and powerful new solutions to meet their 2014 goals.

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Nigel Downer

Nigel Downer

As “Client Advocate,” Nigel works with his clients on a day to day basis to ensure that the Cadient team has a deep understanding of the client’s long and short term goals. As part of that process he meets with clients to share best practices, emerging technologies, and relevant success stories, with the goal of identifying new opportunities for growth and matching those opportunities to potential solutions. Nigel is a graduate of Boston University and earned his MBA in Strategic Leadership from Pennsylvania State University. He currently serves as member of the Advisory Board for the Pan Asian Clinical Research Association.

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