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Take the 6 Week Well-Being Challenge!

Imagine having more energy… What would you do with that extra energy? How would that feel? What would you call that experience?

Human Flourishing?

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The theme for our upcoming well-being challenge is eudaimonia, Greek for human flourishing. As we get ready to kick off our 6-week Well-being Challenge, we’d like to welcome you to join us virtually.

How it works:

1. Print off a goal card 
2. Take the 6-week challenge

Additional Resources

• Nutrition Seminar: Live on FB Wed, May 17th at 3:15pm
(If you miss the live seminar, you can visit Cadient’s Facebook page any time to watch the replay)
• Fast and effective wellness techniques for thriving in a fast paced work environment: click here to view recording



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Simona Vivi Hadjigeorgalis
As Strategy Director in Cadient’s commercial innovation group, Simona specializes in strategic planning, digital engagement, and integrated marketing. She is recognized across verticals for solving marketing and strategy challenges that companies and organizations face during growth or merger-related transitions. Simona has an MBA from Duke University and is HubSpot Inbound Certified. When she’s not crafting marketing solutions, Simona is a wellness writer, peak performance coach, and she’s the creator of our Cadient well-being initiative.

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