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5 Pillars for 2017 Success

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happy New Year from Cadient! Now that the new year has arrived it is important to recognize all your past accomplishments from 2016, and begin to build a foundation of goals to achieve success in 2017.

Here are Cadient’s 5 Pillars for 2017 Success:


5). When Pharma Content Travels, Be Sure to Pack the Balance: 3 Keys for Digital Marketing Compliance

Written by Cadient’s Associate Director of Commercial Strategy and Innovation, Jon Bailey. This article highlights the importance of paying close attention to FDA regulations regarding pharma content using the three “P’s”.


4). Uber and Healthcare: 5 Ways Autonomous Vehicles Will Drive an mHealth Revolution

Written by Cadient’s Director of Marketing Strategy, Jim Walker. This article reflects on the emergence of Uber’s self driving cars, and the impact that it will have on the healthcare industry.


3). The Top 3 Digital Marketing Challenges for 2017

Written by Cadient’s Account Director for the London office, Richard Long. The Top 3 Digital Marketing Challenges for 2017 shares insights and comments on challenges made by client teams throughout Europe, which may affect your digital marketing campaigns in 2017!


2). The Obligatory Agency Pokemon Go Article: 5 Ways Pokemon Go Will Transform Brand Marketing

Written by Cadient’s Co-President and Chief Innovation Officer, Will Reese. This article talks about the Pokémon Go phenomenon and its effects on the future of brand marketing.


1). Crafting Experiences that Deliver Empathy: 5 Strategies for Digital Storytelling

Written by Cadient’s Sr. Manager of Creative Development, Andrea Noll. This article questions how can we bring humanity back to technology? The 5 Strategies for Digital Storytelling helps connect the miscommunication of digital storytelling between healthcare marketers and patients.


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